Storytelling Perspectives

When applying, do expect anything to happen it can happen I’ve seen a having lots of times so if you don’t hear from the schools often no news is good news you know even that late because it can mean that you you know may receive an acceptance late from the waiting list so I want to thank everyone for your time and attention and for participating today wonderful questions wonderful comments and I’d like to invite you to take a look at our services to see if anything fits your needs in your budget we’d be thrilled to talk with you to provide a consultation and to see how we can best support your acceptance to facilitate the process so pennies and questions there are tons of questions Hey okay. Learn more on storytelling with Robotdon.

So let me get to them and refine them here okay Cayla asks I know that a school uses automated secondaries yet I never received one should I call them you can’t it doesn’t hurt that if you are waiting to hear from a school that you really really want to get into you can call them to check in that’s perfectly fine okay great now Rachel asks and you you touched on this a little bit I think throughout your presentation thank you so much but she asked directly why do some secondaries seem to be redundant to the M casts and they want you to list work activities and classes just like an ant s no further questions yeah that seems to be duplicating information really make sure you don’t cut and paste or copy information they want you I know they’re asking you to cover the same material but they want you to cover from a different angle so they’re looking to see right if you’re gonna take the time to cover those same activities from a different angle often you can provide a different perspective by looking at perhaps the length of time that you’ve spent in each activity.

There are strategies or ways that you can cover that material that will highlight a different aspect of it perhaps a long term your commitments then or the connections between them if there’s a theme you know there are ways to cover from a completely different angle and I’ve been working with someone with a new perspective or an objective person can help you find those if you’re struggling to find them on your own okay great let’s see Jonathan asks I think this is critical really to approaching the whole secondary secondary application are we assuming that the reviewer has our primary application with all our activities etc with them as a review our secondary I would not assume that so it’s always best to make sure that any information you cover that you don’t assume someone’s going to connect it to somebody you’ve already mentioned and other piece of the application it’s just best that each section stand alone that you know different reviewers are going to be reviewing different parts of your application at different times.

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