Provoking Your Reader

The last part of the structure for an academic essay is the conclusion and for the conclusion I’m going to give you this circle okay all right as a model what the conclusion does is it wraps everything up it reassert s’ the thesis and it summarizes the main point of yes a here is your opportunity to make sure that your reader has read the main points that you wanted them to get from your essay it is also your last opportunity to make the reader feel something so it’s at this point that you may you know depending on your topic.

Maybe you want your reader to be angry perhaps you want your reader to be inspired or to become curious this is your last opportunity to give that energy to your reader know for your conclusion you should not be giving any new ideas because if you give new ideas you will have to develop them this is not the place for you to offer new ideas you should be proving everything right here in the vine okay one more thing that I want to say that I hadn’t mentioned earlier is that the introduction you are not proving anything here not yet job here is to introduce the topic and your thesis statement some say that you should be hooking your reader okay provoking your reader to think all right that is the function of the introduction all right since there are no questions because nobody’s here all right except for me and video takers I will move on at this point that unity okay now I think may sound like I’m repeating myself but remember the unifying principle for the entire essay is the thesis statement this is what you must stick to for the entire essay.

I am going to give you an example thesis in a moment and also example body paragraphs okay all right also unifying principle the concept of unity this is your unifying principle for each particular body paragraph check your work check your work ask yourself after you’ve written your essay did I stick to my point if you have not stuck to your point you have two options available one you can change your body so that it you stick to your thesis the other option available is that you can change your thesis so that it fits more to what is actually in the body consider this a working thesis until you have to turn it in okay until the last moment that you have to turn it in all right okay topic sentences this is the idea that you stick to for the entire esic alright let’s go into coherence briefly all right you have a duty to show the logical relationship between one sentence and another alright so note here each one of these sentences should have a logical relationship to the next this paragraph should have a logical connection to that paragraph this paragraph should have a logical connection.

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