Having a Second Opinion

Having someone else appropriate for you can be super helpful and something we strongly recommend and whatever possible put your heart into the essay again this con fact the comment about we don’t want you to be a role of robot we want to see that passion tell us you know about your hopes about your dreams why you don’t care so deeply about something we really want to hear about that from you and if you can do that it’s gonna allow you to write you know the better essay um so I just wanted to talk about Rutgers about what we asked for so I just want to quickly go to Rutgers just a little bit about us for this you don’t know anything we were founded in 1766 for America’s eighth oldest college we have four campuses here in New Jersey which is on the East Coast the u.s. we have 65,000 students between our four campuses we have almost 5000 international students larger than our students is at our New Brunswick campus that’s in New Brunswick New Jersey. More articles on topic at Edusson.

We have about 42,000 students here in New Brunswick New Jersey we have over 100 majors available for students over 18,000 students living on campus weather here we have a true winter spring summer and fall so of all four seasons with hot summers where students get to go down to the beach which is you know just about an hour from our campus and you know the winter where we do get a little bit of snowfall here as well 45 minutes from New York City in about 60 minutes from Philadelphia our cost is about is just over thirty nine thousand dollars if you’re living on campus that’s tuition fees and living on campus everything combined about thirteen hundred thousand dollars okay so our application essay Rutgers University is a vibrant community with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences how would you benefit from and contribute to such an environment consider variables such as your talents travels leadership activities volunteer services and cultural experiences.

So let’s apply some of what we’ve learned here first of all if you take a look here these are really two questions that are being asked here how would you benefit from and how would you contribute to the vibrant community here at Rutgers so we want you to answer both of those here you don’t want to just do one we want to see an inch of the boat so I want you to take the time to think about this question and how you want to answer it fully again do not you use words you do not know the meaning of simple is usually better showing that you can follow the basic instructions heat is very important one thing I think is important to mention here if you look at all the variables that are listed as far as talents travels leadership activities volunteer services and coach experiences these are things for you to consider using these are things that I’m going to expect you to use all of if you try to write an essay putting your talents.

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